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OpenLabLog [2012-02-14]

x-Spirituaahl Sound Hacks and more!

The lab was pretty crowded last Tuesday. We're hoping to keep the good atmosphere up, and that the OpenLab stays such an active place, where one can meet like-minded people, share knowledge and first and foremost: MAKE stuff. :)


Dusjagr is back again from his large Asia Tour and brought some weird sound devices from India, China and Indonesia to the MechArtLab for free-form modding! - Check out his blog for more infos about the recent workshop in Hong Kong:


Keywords: x-Spiritual Sound Hacks, noise, circuit bending, modding, LED 3D display, motor driven remote switch, Kinect+MakerBot, speaker case diy, triac+relais testing, micro noise and more.

Tags: MechArtLab, OpenLab

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