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OpenLabLog [2014-03-11]

Some news again from our last openlab session!

First of all: We cleaned the Lab, thanks to everyone that helped. To show you our hard work, look at these before and after pictures:

Lab Cleaning Before


Lab Cleaning After
Tables and the floor are white again!

Some of the Projects:

  • 16x16 RGB LED matrix with Flash memory and WIFI and everything
  • Hack of an Edirol Midi-Keyboard to add a Von Janko or a Terpstra style keyboard (visions to be done...)
  • Thymio testing
  • measuring of electromagnetic field by sending and receiving a signal with coils (again vor Tesla stuff)
  • enhancing a 10-pin AVR ISP connector with a 6-pin AVR ISP connector (see picture of

Anyma Forschungswoche

Tags: MechArtLab, OpenLab, Music, Anyma

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