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BitBadge eksperimental @ HONF

We nicely arrived in Yogyakarta for cellsbutton#04, international media art festival, and already started a first diy makeaway in front of the HONF office.

I planned to do the BitBadge, DIY reflow soldering, but sadly i produced the PCBs scaled down a little bit and the mask for the screen-printing doesnt fit. noooooooo…. But anyway, we still tried and soldered the LEDs by hand, one-by-one, and Dhomas Kampret was really doing a great job on his 2 color BitBadge (yes it does allow mixing).

We also tried the reflow soldering later, we first painted the solder paste onto the desired pads, placed the LEDs and then cooked the stuff on a little gas stove. works niiiiiiiice!

Tags: Workshop, Yogyakarta

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